Natural furnaces: Wave away worry about winter’s winds

The weather forecast’s calling for “The Blizzard of the Century.” Several feet of snow. Winds howling at a bajillion miles per hour. Wind chill factor way, way below zero.

Now is not the time to start wondering how your furnace is going to hold up.

With natural gas firing your furnace, you’re going to get instant heat that won’t break the bank. Mother Nature can throw whatever wintery hissy fit she likes. You’ll still be as cozy as your cheeks are rosy.

Natural highlights:
  • Blows almost instantaneous heat, so no “warm-up” period
  • Can use 100 percent outside air
  • Directly vented to enhance indoor air quality
  • Energy Star® rated

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Natural highlights:
  • Long-term savings on your energy bills
  • Recovers hot water three times faster
  • Operates even if the power’s out
  • Energy Star® rated

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Natural water heaters: Being in hot water never felt this good

We’ve all been there. The Family Shower Rush Hour. The kids cannot be late for school again. And there’s an 8 a.m. meeting, just waiting for you.

But today, you’re last in line for the bathroom. So you cross your fingers in the hopes there’s at least a little hot water left when you turn the knob.

That’s why your water heater should be fueled by natural gas. Your tank will recover three times faster and for less money than its electric counterpart. Now if only it’d hand you a thermos of coffee on your way out the door.

Natural stoves and ovens: Cook up some chef-approved cuisine

They say you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet. You should also add some cheese. And some sautéed mushrooms. Ooo, and try some sun-dried tomatoes, too.

But don’t ruin the whole thing by cooking it on an electric stove.

A natural gas stove gives you precise temperature control that can go instantly from a boil to a simmer. Plus, with the instant on/off, you won’t have to wait for heat. You’ll be eating that “egg-cellent” omelet in no time.

Natural highlights:
  • Instant on/off
  • Steady, dependable temps
  • Energy Star® rated
  • Precise temperature control
  • Operates during a power outage

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Natural highlights:
  • Faster drying times
  • Kinder to your clothes
  • Energy Star® rated
  • Costs about 25 percent less to operate per load
  • Moisture sensors shut off heat when clothes are dry, preventing wasted energy and over-drying

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Natural clothes dryers: An appliance that’s always in style

It’s tough to keep up with today’s fashions. Are skinny jeans in? Or is it mom jeans? Skinny mom jeans? It’s nice when you find a few outfits that’ll outlast the latest trends.

But if you’re using an electric dryer, those classic clothes might start to look like they were trampled on the runway.

Using a natural gas clothes dryer means shorter drying times, which means fewer wrinkles and reduced wear and tear on your clothes. Crisp and classic is the new black.

Natural fireplaces: The spark you need for enchanting evenings

It’s time for a little romance. You’ve just finished a candlelit dinner. You put on a little soft jazz music. Pour a little something bubbly.

Trudging outside, hauling in some grubby logs, getting coated in sawdust and spider webs so you can get a fire going is going to put a serious damper on the mood.

If you opt for a natural gas fireplace, you’ll get a safe, roaring fire instantly, with no logs to lug or mess to clean. Love means never having to say, “Bring me some kindling.”

Natural highlights:
  • Cozy, clean and inviting
  • Instant, safe flames
  • Less pollution and smell than a wood-burning fire
  • Warmth, ambience and an inviting focal point

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