Compressed natural gas and natural gas vehicles: Think outside the pump

There are more than 15 million compressed natural gas vehicles operating worldwide today.

The number is on the rise here in the U.S., too, as more and more cities, counties, school districts and commercial fleet owners turn to this cleaner, greener and abundant transportation fuel. Plus, there can be financial perks for making the switch

Start saving
Natural gas offers a number of benefits — including reduced emissions and extended engine life. But it’s often the potential to save on fuel costs that drives many businesses to switch their medium and heavy-duty fleets.

Prices for conversion kits and installation have decreased as the number of NGVs on the road has increased. Kits are available for new and used vehicles, fulfilling nearly every function and most duty ratings.

How it works
The engine and drivetrain in a natural gas vehicle function just like those powered by gasoline or diesel fuel. This includes the technology to blend natural gas with diesel fuel for semi tractors. Natural gas-powered engines burn cleaner, reducing maintenance costs and extending engine life.

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